UK BLOG AWARDS – Cast Your Votes!

The award season is upon us, fellow bloggers. And though I only wished to post once this week after taking on the wisdomous (whaddup Friends reference!) Lilly Singh’s piece of advice on taking a break when needed, I just had to post because my dear friend Kate @ Kate days a week has made it through to the voting stages of the @UKBlogAwards.

Kate is up for an award in the beauty category and she is a phenomenal beauty blogger. Whatever information you need about a make-up product, skincare, etc, she has all the requisite information. Legit, whatever info you need, my girl’s got it. I, personally, in accordance to my beliefs, will only endorse a blogger if I believe they are fulfilling the requisites of their blog’s premise, so rest assured I am only endorsing a blogger and their content if I believe in it and you won’t be casting your vote blindly.

One of my many favourite posts of Kate include her reviews of ColorPop and ABH Sultry eyeshadow palette (vibrant palettes are my faves). She has also published a Beginner’s Guide to Skincare (the holy mother of all grails),  Unpopular Makeup Opinions, 10 Amazing Holiday Gifts Under £30 and Makeup Tips for Beginners (and then some). As you can see, her beauty blog has a wide selection of relevant and useful beauty content.

And the icing on the cake? She’s an awesome human being. Though she might pretend that she doesn’t have a heart of gold, there’s no denying that she has a heart of gold. She is supportive, friendly, encouraging, and her brain is banging. Some people talk the talk about being such a nice person, and Kate? She just is. Good people don’t talk about how good they are all the time, they just are. And that’s the TEA!

And that's the tea.(1)

How to Vote  

You can vote via the UK BLOG AWARDS website which you can find here. There is a vote now icon which lets you vote for Kate and it only takes a second. Okay, fine, 10 seconds. Alternately, you can go on the website here or blogawardsuk, vote now, Beauty category, page 4 and Kate is listed under Kate days a week, click on her name, and then vote! H. R. R. Gorman pointed out the link that I provided doesn’t provide the vote option and I deduced this is down to a DNS error (I’m not fluent in IT terminology) because my vote has already been registered, so perhaps the internet recognises it as my vote. Really, IP should be marked as separate to DNS. 🤷‍♀️



Given that the next few weeks will be very busy, I am now whittling down to one post a week which will give me time to read everyone’s posts sooner instead of having to play catch-up.


No deep questions this week, folks, so I will just say: happy blogging!

Sophski out.

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    1. Voting closes in December, so there’s a week to go! 😄 thank you for letting me know! I think it’s a DNS problem, won’t separate IP addresses, but I edited the post and there’s alternate instructions! Should work 🙂

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    1. *chuckles in Muslim* we’re not allowed to celebrate, it is a heavy sin! 🤭 But I hope you enjoy the holidays, you’ll get to have a break from school! 🙂 and thanks for voting for my friend, I really appreciate your loveliness. 💕💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Ah 🤭 I think it says that we’re not allowed to participate because then we’re committing shirk? Ordinarily I would just say whatever, but I don’t want you to get in trouble, so I have to let you know that. 🤭 but as long as it’s not on the day and your intention isn’t to celebrate it, then it might be fine, but I don’t know, I think for that, you would have to find out. 🙂

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