You Float Away

They smile, they love
Oh, stars above
They really do love
Forever forlorn
You heart is torn

In a room full of strangers
A fresh chapter, you hope
Words mumbling and stumbling
One mistake and you’re crumbling

An alleyway, a home
Since the exit from the womb
Safe is a word we no longer know
Trust is a memory of long ago

A child sits by herself
Walls created to shield
But the words are still slinging
While the teacher pretends
That they hear nothing

Your beloved floats away
To a better world
And your world
Becomes a bitter blur
You wish all the while
That you could have gone too
Than stay in a land where comfort is few

He loves you not
Though he promised he did
He loved your glory in the sun
Your joy in the rainbow
But your rain was too much
A hailstorm of sorrow
It made him go
You had to watch him go

You worked smart and hard
Plastered a broken smile
You won and won
But the cracks still showed
Your smile too hollow
They wished you goodbye
No questions asked
Without a single why

Sharp, swallow
Thread, shallow

And you go
No longer afloat


        1. Hey, it’s so sweet that you thought of me. 🙂For now, I will stick to solo-ing it because I’m enjoying it, it’s not so much about reaching more people (I’m only a personal blogger), I prefer to engage with my little community I have here on WordPress. If you do have a WP account, you may reblog if you wish on WP but, of course, only the first or two para’s with a link included in the post to read the full post on my blog. 🙂


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