Apologies for not replying to everyone’s lovely comments, I have been busy with family weddings so I should hopefully reply by tonight. I wasn’t going to post anything, I rarely post on weekends but I went on Instagram today and was glad to see many Hindustans, Bollywood actors included, supporting #justiceforAsifa.

There was a hashtag listed on the caption so I clicked to see what else is being said. While I was scrolling, I saw a photo that was blurred due to sensitive content. I had no idea what it was but I clicked on it and what did I see? Asifa’s actual body dumped on the ground. I was absolutely disgusted and nauseated and I immediately regretted agreeing to view the image. The careless manner in which she was dumped on the ground like a spare piece of scrap metal as opposed to the young child and human being that she is horrified me.

This is not a religious issue. This is a criminal issue. And I’m so pleased (and relieved) to see many Hindustans fighting for justice for Asifa. And for those who say that we can’t do anything, I disagree. Look how much can happen by people who stand up for themselves and others. Look at Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, etc. The list goes on. We, the people, ARE justice and the executors of justice and not just the government, the judiciary, or monarchy.

I sincerely hope and make dua that justice is delivered for Asifa.


          1. Religion is really an excuse. But only laws help neither. It’s thinking. It starts every bit with people trying to sexualize girls, whether in public or private. 😥😥😥😥

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  1. The upsetting thing is people that do horrible stuff like what happened to poor Astifa are just weak. Going up against an 8 year old girl that’s just… Indescribable. She’s EIGHT for God’s sake! The problem is the governments are turning a blind eye on this stuff or the government is out of control. I hope people get heard some day… x 😞

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    1. Completely agree with you… grown men against an 8 year old, innocent, harmless and defenceless child. The government just don’t want to deal with religious backlash, but this decision will make things a lot worse than better. I hope so too… ❤️


    1. Completely agree. It’s the innocence and harmlessness of the child that gets you… what did they do to them? And yes, just imagine. Life will never be completely like that unfortunately, we can better the world but some people are monsters and there’s no changing them. And that’s why we have prison which is a punishment that they might not receive in this case.

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      1. I think the worst part of this is that she was eight. When I was eight, I still thought EVERYONE had my best interests in mind. That every adult was a good person. Only other children are cruel. And she probably didn’t even know what rape or murder was.
        Even if they go to prison (which I can’t see how people believe they don’t deserve), she can’t come back.

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        1. Oh my god… I completely forgot that children tend to believe that people have their best interests at heart, for the most part Asifa might have at first believed that too like you. 😞 Yes, no matter what, we won’t bring her back. But nonetheless, if they go to prison, it shows the world what the law do to people who commit such heinous acts. Young children believe in authorities, that they look out for them.. imagine all the other children in the other world when they realise that even government do not care for their safety. We cannot allow that to happen.

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  2. Oh god. I was reading an article about this right before my little ones’ soccer game. I was gutted. Why would anyone do something so horrible to a child?! It’s disgusting. And to bring religion into it? No!! It’s perverse. It’s inhumane. This kind of shit needs to stop. Kindness and compassion don’t kill.

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    1. Oh God, it must have been terrifying especially to read it right before your child’s soccer game. 😞 The people who excuse these crimes because of religion are just as bad as the perpetrators, really… religion teaches kindness and compassion. It is the base of your actions. No excuses, period.

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      1. I have a strong vigilante side as well. The article I wrote the other day on justice and vengeance is things I remind myself to keep myself on even ground.
        Anyone caught in West Virginia abusing a child this way… well, about 20 years ago and outsider murdered a local girl. The court had to deny him bail for his own safety. The crowd was willing to pay his bond to get him out away from the jail.

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          1. It makes me feel like a hypocrite after what I wrote about the other day but there is line somewhere that can only be crossed under the right conditions. Always ask yourself if you’re positive that the person is the guilty party. Sounds good in theory but hard to put into practice.

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  3. Great post and I am so glad you brought it up! This incident horrifies me and I hope the perpetrators are given the severest punishment possible…

    The fact that this case in which a child was brutalised is being turned into a religious and political issue is outright disgusting.


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    1. Thank you, and I’m to see the blogging community expressing their disgust and outrage.
      They know better than to turn it into a religious issue. They keep animals safe (as they should), but God forbid keeping a child safe. Another fellow blogger posted on Zainab’s case, there were protests and the c**** were dealt swift justice and, in this case, almost identical case, they are using excuses. It’s excuses. The government are total useless and heartless people. Disgusting.

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  4. This case was heartbreaking but definitely not shocking because apparently such case have become daily news for us in India. It saddens me that a developing nation so wide cannot bring justice to its women. We have a long way to go when it come to women safety and respect. I love how you are trying to reach out to people with your writing like many other who share their concern and fear. There is a need to educate children but the conservative society that we are forbids us from even mentioning rapes to children and that is probably the reason why they are unable to tell apart right from wrong. The youth needs to be taught.
    Recently even I wrote a poem on the Asifa Case portraying forward my disgust and anger towards the corrupt system and people who drag politics and religion into an issue like this. Its just not humane. Please do check it out once. The least we can do as individuals is try to make people understand by putting forward out thoughts.


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