Competition and Humility – When Is It Healthy?

I have an extremely intelligent and knowledgable friend. The friend does often feel the need to one up you in debates or arguments you didn’t know were happening.

However, I don’t mind the debating (because I do the same thing) it’s the competitiveness that irks me. To me it shows that THE FRIEND is insecure and it worries me about future events where I may have worked really hard on something and the friend will feel the need to show they’re better instead of being supportive. For me debating is to establish what is correct not to see who’s better, spare the competitiveness for sports and Monopoly. I’d say have a word with the friend, thats probably what they need. Ordinarily I do think true bonds do transcend do’s and don’ts but people latch on to first impressions (which they shouldn’t).

With regards to physical appearance, if that’s what’s making women feel insecure then there is no need for her to appear vulnerable just to support the fragile egos of women. Are you kidding me? We work hard on our self-confidence as it is so why should we want another woman to rip apart their own to make another woman feel better? If you do feel that is happening, call them out on their bullshit.

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