What happened to living in the moment?

We are all (well, most, I guess) living in the time where we’re experiencing a major bout of FOMO most of the time. On one hand, it’s good, it means we’re being more adventurous with our choices, broadening our horizons, we certainly have more options. The time for freedom is nigh and its going to become even more liberating.

But this can be debilitating. (I’m not rhyming on purpose just FYI, purely accidental).

FOMO stops you from enjoying the moment for what it is, instead you’re thinking about the next adventure and when you’re having your next adventure you’ll be thinking about the next adventure instead. By the end of it, you’ve forgotten to enjoy what you’re doing at that moment and really living to the full which is ironic because isn’t that what inspired us to take on the next adventure? I understand its so easy to feel like this, it’s somehow become part of our default setting, I’ve been heavily told to stop doing that because it has a crippling effect on you.

Above all, FOMO hinders gratitude and it is gratitude that actually enables us to enjoy our experiences and be truly contented and be happy.

Tackle the issue head on, I know it feels like we should busy ourself to stop us having these thoughts but if we don’t stop and identify the problem, the problem will never get solved.

Make a list of what makes you truly happy and do it; of people who feel like home or simply make you ponder and reflect and spend time with them.

Now, I need to start doing this too.


: another take on FOMO.


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