E.M Forster’s Howard’s End Review


This is going to be a really short review. Because I did not finish the book and just watched the film instead. I found it far too tedious to continue reading it and the writing was a little too complex for me because I’m just more of a straightforward person.

Idealism v Reality (made from concentrate)

This is the primary theme of the book. We have the Schlegels – Margaret, Helen and Tibby – as the idealists and the Wilcoxes – (too many to list) – representing reality and hard facts. Which is better? To be honest.. Neither. Margaret took a shot at representing as a medium and I felt that to be a healthier way of viewing life. As much as I love Helen’s thoughtfulness, I did not enjoy her love of discussing theoretical principles that had no practical application and the Wilcox’s, although practical and pragmatic, were a little too hard-hearted. Then we have Leonard Bast who belongs to the working-class and is a simple clerk who attempts to pursue intellectual pursuits in order to enhance his mind and suffers as a result of this dogged determination quite literally.. As in a bookcase collapsed onto him (and he dies). What Forster did quite well was illustrate the shortcomings of all three attitudes: Charles Wilcox is charged with manslaughter and Helen becomes pregnant with Leonard’s baby as a result of their ideals and beliefs. What did I learn? Nothing much to be honest.. Well, except, the complexity of life. And to view things  both objectively and with some compassion. Mind should consult heart and vice versa. That’s all peeps.

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